About Me

Before established in 2013, Aditya Darmawan has become freelance photographer in wedding photography industries since 2010 untill decided to build his own, ADARMAWANS PICTURES & MOTIONS.

Becoming a full-time professional wedding photographer has never crossed his mind before, but turns out, he’s so in love be a witness of a special moment that so emotional in a person life.

Idealism journalism, how he called his style capturing timeless moments in every frames.


Hi, my name is Aditya Darmawan, East Java-based Fulltime Photographer (Indonesia).

It’s been 7 years since the first time I shoot professionally.

I’m a wide range photographer. From weddings, portraits, events, to music documentary services and any other kind of visual representation things.

In the last few years I’m specializing in Weddings Journalism, Music Documentary Service, Event Journalism, and Portraits.

Idealism Journalism. Thats how I describe my style, silent observer.

I believe my style is not for everyone, but everyone could be in love with me deceseive decision to click the shutter.

My recent clients : English First, H.B. Fuller, Semen Indonesia, Bank Indonesia, Angler BioChem.


All the pictures that are on this website are available in print and Hi-Res version. For a print or permit inquiry of any other use please contact me via email. :)

All the images that are on this website were taken by me.
Ownership of the copyright of the photos on this website are owned by A. Darmawan and or ADARMAWANS PICTURES & MOTIONS.
Any infringement of copyright, its use without permission of the owner of the photo, and other forms of abuse, will be processed in accordance with applicable laws, both local (Indonesian Law) and internasional.